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The Municipality of Van Buren (Municipality), in cooperation with The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) is soliciting proposals for professional services for Route 1, Main Street Planning Phase of The Village Partnership Initiative, MaineDOT WIN 026830.00. Proposers must provide: a.) a technical proposal; and b.) a price proposal in a separate, sealed package. Price shall not be part of the technical proposal; otherwise, that proposal shall be rejected. The Municipality is undertaking this Planning Partnership Initiative (PPI) study with funding from the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT). This project is subject to applicable federal and state laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, including but not limited to those described in the MaineDOT Local Project Administration Manual:

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    The Greater Van Buren Area is your "Gateway to the St. John Valley & Canada." Traveling North on US. Route 1, this southernmost part of the St. John Valley welcomes you with its panoramic views of rolling hills and mother nature at her best!


    Town of Van Buren
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