Code Enforcement Officer

  Code Enforcement Officer: Devin Parent   Phone: (207)868-2886   Email

  1. Building Permit/Land Use Application:
  2. You can fill out a Land Use Application at any time and file it with the town office. The application will be reviewed by the Code Enforcement Officer and you will be notified about the decision and any relevant fees.

  3. Documents:
  4. Land Use Ordinance
  5. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (Available Soon)

  6. Applications:
  7. Land Use Application

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The Greater Van Buren Area is your "Gateway to the St. John Valley & Canada." Traveling North on US. Route 1, this southernmost part of the St. John Valley welcomes you with its panoramic views of rolling hills and mother nature at her best!


Town of Van Buren
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